Fairfax Medical Facilities, Inc. is a recognized Patient Centered Medical Home. A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) transforms primary care practices into what patients want health care that focuses on them and their needs. PCMH gets to know patients in long-term partnerships, rather than through hurried, sporadic visits. They make treatment decisions with their patients, based on patient preference. They help patients become engaged in their own healthy behaviors and health care.

Everyone in the practice-from clinicians to front desk staff- works as a team to coordinate care from other providers and community resources. This maximizes efficiency by ensuring that highly trained clinicians are not performing tasks that can be accomplished by other staff, and helps avoid costly and preventable complications and emergencies through a focus on prevention and managing chronic conditions.

A growing body of evidence documents the many benefits of Patient Centered Medical Homes, including better quality, patient experience, continuity, prevention and disease management. Studies show lower costs from reduced emergency department visits and hospital admissions. Studies also show reduced disparities in care and lower rates of provider burnout. Patient Centered Medical Homes power to improve the quality, cost and experience of primary care only sets a foundation for broad change our health care system needs.

Patient Centered Medical Homes are the foundation for a health care system that achieves the “Triple Aim” of better quality, experience and cost.