Our Mission

The mission of Fairfax Medical Facilities, Inc., is to meet the needs of our patients with care, compassion, and the highest quality. We will operate in a cost-efficient manner that will appropriately reward our patients with affordable high-quality care. This mission will be accomplished with the highest moral and ethical regard for everyone with whom we come in contact, regardless of their ability to pay. We are committed to excellence in patient-centered, accessible, cost-effective and timely primary health care for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to meet the performance standards required by the Health Resources Service Administration (HRSA), Department of Human Services, while striving to provide quality affordable care to our patients through expanding our medical services and adding new programs.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Fairfax Medical Facilities, Inc. is to provide comprehensive, coordinated primary health care services that may include: assisting residents in accessing existing health care services in the community including medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical, and dental care and through individual patient education and advocacy; with the intent to help them to develop their own health care plans; while facilitating coordination of all health-related providers and services in the community to improve their accessibility and effectiveness and to work toward eliminating health care disparities; by reducing the economic burden of health care for low-income, under-served and uninsured residents in the community. The Corporation will seek to provide these community- based primary care services in an effective, efficient, dignified and personal manner regardless of the patient's ability to pay.